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Fraunhofer ISE | Engineers at Fraunhofer ISE develop and test decentralized energy supply concepts. A co-generation system (CHP) is visualized here.

© Fraunhofer ISE | Engineers at Fraunhofer ISE develop and test decentralized energy supply concepts. A co-generation system (CHP) is visualized here.

Fraunhofer ISE Launches Platform elinkSOLUTIONS

New Web Service Offers Software Products in the Field of Energy Management

On the new web platform elinkSOLUTIONS, the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems offers standardized software to assist clients in developing solutions for an efficient energy management of buildings and urban quarters. The first product available is called “schedSOL”. This program is used specifically to optimize the operational management of thermal-electric systems, e. g. co-generation plants with storage. Soon the program synPRO will be available online. This product allows the client to generate individualized load profiles for electricity and heat with high time resolution. The web service elinkSOLUTIONS is designed to assist energy suppliers, public utilities, grid and system operators as well as energy system developers. The product offer on the web platform is constantly being expanded.

elinkSOLUTIONS Supports Clients in Developing New Energy Products

As the share of renewables in the energy mix grows, the energy sector is challenged to offer innovative energy management solutions. System manufacturers, for example, develop modern system solutions by combining electric and thermal systems with storage. As a result, the layout and operation are becoming increasing complex. Energy suppliers are investing in new business areas such as energy services, since the profit margin in the traditional business areas is sinking. “On our web-based platform elinkSOLUTIONS, we offer energy system manufacturers and energy suppliers economical solutions for a wide variety of current issues in the field of energy management,” says Dr. Bernhard Wille-Haussmann, head of the Energy Management and Grids group at Fraunhofer ISE. On the web platform, simplified demo versions of the programs are offered free-of-charge so that users can familiarize themselves with the software. “Once familiar, the user can purchase an expert access for the services and integrate them into his or her development process. Alternatively, we also draw up contracts for product use, which specifically cater to the customer’s needs,” says Wille-Haussmann.

schedSOL: Optimized Operation Management for Complex Systems

Today energy supply concepts for buildings and urban quarters combine several components, e. g. photovoltaic systems, co-generation plants and energy storage. Each reacts flexibly to a variety of different demands. In order to run these complex operating systems economically, they must function as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. With their product schedSOL, the Fraunhofer engineers optimize the operational planning and the controls design for thermal-electric systems. To evaluate the business models from customers, an example system can first be set up in the demo version of elinkSOLUTIONS. The system is laid out with the desired configuration and the performance is analyzed for selected days. With the extended expert access, the system is simulated based on marketing and technological parameters with a fully individualized profile or automatic integration in the field systems. “Energy system manufacturers can create modern control concepts with schedSOL, and thus design systems which are optimally designed to meet their customers’ needs,” explains Wille-Haussmann. With schedSOL energy suppliers can tap into new potential and business models in the field of energy services. The program allows consultants to increase the quality of their services for customers and investors in the energy field, by realistically evaluating the economic potential of thermo-electric systems.

Fraunhofer ISE | In the demo version of schedSOL, the user can change singular parameters with a slide bar. An energetic and economic analysis can be carried out on the whole system for selected days.

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