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Solvatten | Greencarrier and Solvatten in collaboration for safe water and better lives

© Solvatten | Greencarrier and Solvatten in collaboration for safe water and better lives

Greencarrier and Solvatten in collaboration for safe water and better lives

Solvatten is a social enterprise making portable solar powered jerry cans for heating and treating water. By working together in partnership with governments, local organisations and corporations, Solvatten aims to better the lives of millions of people living off-grid. Solvatten has since start reached +300.000 people living in +20 countries where the need is great. 

“Being sustainable in business means that we at Greencarrier care for our company, the people in it and for our customers and partners. But also that we take a larger responsibility than that, for the society in general and the future health of our planet. Joining forces with Solvatten and providing them with our sustainable logistics solutions, means that we directly contribute to their vision of a world where everyone can live a healthy and worthy life and that we can combine our business knowledge with our social and environmental goals.” says Stefan Björk, founder and owner of Greencarrier.
The Greencarrier Group is one of the Nordic region’s largest privately owned companies specialising in global, sustainable logistics solutions. Every year we set aside 1% of our profit to the Greencarrier Spirit Fund, funding local and global initiatives to make improvements for the environment and the society.
“Our mission is to have reached 1 million families by 2030. To be able to achieve this we need the power of collaboration, so we are happy to see Greencarrier also sharing our vision about a sustainable future for all.” says Petra Wadström, CEO and Founder of Solvatten.’
“We look for long term relationships with partners who share our values and mindset. Our approach to business and challenges is “Yes, it’s possible!”. By creating clean water with clean energy directly in the homes of families in areas where safe water is not a given, Solvatten takes a big global challenge and comes up with an innovative solution truly showing that it is possible! We are very happy to collaborate with them and being able to provide a better future for so many women and families.” says Stefan Björk.
About the technology:
Solvatten Safe Water System is a combined portable water treatment and water heater system that has been designed for life off-grid. It is an easy to use system that combines natural UV, built-in turbulence, and filtration to clean water on a household level. All that is needed is sunlight.
Greencarrier Liner Agency is the agent for Evergreen Line – one of the world’s leading international shipping companies. From our offices in the Nordic and Baltic countries, we can offer transport solutions worldwide. Our team consists today of 80 employees in 7 countries, with offices in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
Greencarrier Liner Agency is a part of Greencarrier Group one of the Nordic’s largest privately owned transport companies.www.lineragency.greencarrier.com


Greencarrier | Åsa Leander 2018

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