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IEA to Lift its Solar & Wind Projections | Blow on Coal – 100% Renewables in India & Ukraine

We have won! Following our extensive critique last year, the International Energy Agency (IEA) will finally raise its projections for solar PV and wind in its forthcoming 2017 World Energy Outlook.

In a series of our studies, we have proved that the IEA has consistently undermined the potential of renewables in the last decade. This reality-check has been long overdue in the global community’s quest for an energy transition. EWG is looking forward to the update and will analyse it for you.

The reviewed projections could lend a new momentum to the Paris Agreement, which surpassed its ratification threshold in a record short time and is set to enter into force on November, 4. While the speedy process is, in fact, a historic development, and rightly applauded by many, many warning voices have called for immediate action. The missing part is political will, as a 100% renewable energy system is not only feasible but more cost-effective than the existing system in many parts of the world. More on this, and our latest studies on India and Ukraine, in our October Newsletter.



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