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Japan overtakes several inactive European states in photovoltaics

On 30.6.2015, the SolarSuperState Association published the top ten of its SolarSuperState Ranking 2016 in the 5th International Energy and Sustainability Conference in Köln (Germany).

The annual ranking shows how all 197 states of the world performed in the SolarSuperState Competition with the two categories Wind and Solar. Liechtenstein defends its number one position in the SolarSuperState Ranking 2016 category Solar with a cumulative installed photovoltaic capacity of 532 Watt per capita. As in the last year, Japan (rang 7 with 260 Watt per capita) overtakes several inactive European states: Czechia, Luxembourg and Greece. If the European states Vatican City State (5), Belgium (4), Italy (3), and Germany (2) stay inactive then it is likely that they will be soon downgraded by Japan.

The United Kingdom again is not able to enter the top ten, France again even not the top twenty. Except Uruguay (because of strong wind power), the in the calendar year 2015 shown deployment of photovoltaics of most states still having not reached 100 % renewable electricity would be in future too weak to meet the general SolarSuperState target of 100 % renewable electricity within five years.

The SolarSuperState Association is a Swiss non-profit non-governmental organization that awards the annual SolarSuperState Prize. The association is the global voice of people and organizations that can benefit from rapidly increasing markets for decentralized renewable energy installations.

SolarSuperState Ranking 2016 category Solar 31.12.2015 (status

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