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New concept wind turbine tested at DTU

DTU has entered into cooperation with Vestas on the testing of a completely new type of wind turbine which has four rotors instead of one.

Vestas’ new concept turbine challenges the sector’s conventional rules that the bigger the wind turbine, the higher the output.

The new multi-rotor concept turbine is currently being erected at DTU Risø Campus, where DTU Wind Energy in the coming years will participate in the development and testing of the many technological functionalities of the multi-rotor. 

DTU President Anders Bjarklev: “We’re very pleased to make our expertise available in this research partnership with Vestas. It’s promising if it’s possible to boost output in new and unconventional ways, and we hope that this exciting concept will contribute to making wind turbine technology even more efficient.” 

The turbine will be erected during April and is expected to be commissioned in May. 

In the 1980s, the wind turbine test site at Risø DTU Campus was used for testing new types of wind turbines. Since the 1990s, the test station has mainly been used in research and teaching projects as well as for testing wind turbine components. 

These projects and tests have been conducted on DTU’s own wind turbines. But DTU is now pleased to see Vestas’ new concept turbine on the site near Roskilde.


Technical University of Denmark (DTU) 2016

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