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Price Trend: Share of High-Efficiency Mono-si Rises, While New Momentum Is Expected in the Multi-si Market

This week, there were both increases and decreases on the overall market. Both overseas and domestic polysilicon prices declined.

For si-wafer, mono-si and multi-si wafer prices still showed two different trends. PV cell price and module price varied according to the change of supply and demand in each regional market. Overall, high-efficiency mono-si products were popular among the overseas and domestic markets. Inquiries about general or secondary multi-si products were boosted by local demand for distributed PV power in China. It remains to be seen whether they can become the new growth drivers in the multi-si market.


Supply and demand pressure caused by weak demand has begun to affect polysilicon manufacturers. Overseas polysilicon price followed the domestic price, and continued to drop. The overall price moved closer to the domestic price. So far, domestic multi-si material price has been RMB75-82/KG, and mono-si material price has been RMB81-90/KG, with the average price falling to RMB85/KG. Overseas price has decreased to USD9.3-10.3/KG, with the average price falling to USD9.87/KG. As demand has not picked up, some polysilicon manufacturers have pushed back the timetable for new capacity to slow the decline in prices by controlling supply.


This week, mono-si and multi-si wafer prices still developed two different trends. Mono-si wafer price remained steady. As its market demand has increased, its price may have a chance to rise next week. For multi-si, because of the weak demand, multi-si wafer price declined, and the inventory level of first-tier manufacturers increased. It is estimated that it will take some time to destock the inventory. So far, Chinesedomestic mono-si wafer price has remained at RMB3.00-3.26/Pc. Multi-si wafer price has declined to RMB2.10-2.23/Pc. Black silicon product price has remained at RMB2.25/Pc. Overseas mono-si price has been maintained at USD0.400-0.405/Pc. Multi-si price has dropped to USD0.270-0.282/Pc, with an unchanged average price of USD0.280/Pc. Black silicon product price has been reduced to USD0.320/Pc.

PV cell

Demand for different PV cell products remained mixed in different markets this week, as prices fluctuated. Due to China’s Top Runner Program and Turkey’s orders, the stock up demands for high-efficiency mono-si products have started to increase. India’s stocking up momentum for 325W multi-si PV cell strengthened, which helped to stabilize multi-si PV cell price under low supply. So far, Chinesedomestic general mono-si price has been RMB1.00-1.06/W. High-efficiency mono-si price has slightly increased to RMB1.12-1.18/W, with an unchanged average price of RMB1.18/W. Ultra-high efficiency mono-si (>21.5%) price has remained at RMB1.20/W. General multi-si PV cell price has slightly decreased to RMB0.84-0.89/W, with the average price falling to RMB0.87/W. Overseas general mono-si price has narrowed the spread range to USD0.119-0.132/W. High-efficiency mono-si price has extended the spread range to USD0.137-0.165/W, with the average price rising to USD0.157/W. Ultra-high efficiency mono-si (>21.5%) price has reached USD0.168/W, and multi-si price has remained at USD0.102-0.133/W.

In addition, market inquiries of double-sided PV cell increased owing to the Top Runner Program. So far, the price has been RMB1.20-1.30/W. Due to different pricing modes, it is difficult to reach a consensus price, and market acceptance needs to be improved.


This week, the market status and price trend of module were similar to PV cell. Conditions of overseas and domestic markets and suppliers were different. The capacity utilization of first-tier manufacturers was boosted because of the stable demand. Second-tier and third-tier manufacturers, which rely solely on Chinese domestic demand and are exposed to more risks than first-tier manufacturers, currently have demand inquiries of Top Runner Program and some locally distributed PV power, so prices of favored products were also polarized. So far, domestic general multi-si (270-275W) price has grown to RMB1.78-1.85/W, with the average price rising to RMB1.82/W. High-efficiency multi-si (280-285W) price has been lowered to RMB1.80-1.88/W, with an unchanged average price of RMB1.87/W. General mono-si (290-295W) price has reached RMB1.83-1.90/W, with the average price rising to RMB1.89/W. High-efficiency mono-si (300-305W) price has been RMB2.12-2.15/W, with an unchanged average price of RMB2.13/W. Ultra-high efficiency mono-si (>310W) price has stabilized at RMB2.15/W.

Overseas general multi-si price has been USD0.218-0.290/W, with the average price dropping to USD0.220/W; high-efficiency multi-si price has extended the spread range to USD0.220-0.280/W. General mono-si price has been USD0.246-0.390/W, with the average price dropping to USD0.250/W; high-efficiency mono-si price has been USD0.265-0.405/W, with the average price increasing to USD0.278/W.


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