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Sendea launched first marketplace-platform for the off-grid industry

The off-grid market is growing, more and more products are available locally, either from wholesalers or local distributors.

Since technical specifications, scope of supply as well as prices varies a lot, it becomes increasingly difficult to compare services. The need for transparency about prices, specs and availability in the off-grid industry is growing.

As the worldwide biggest database for off-grid products www.sendea.biz now has launched the first marketplace-platform which brings more transparency to the global off-grid industry.

The sendea.biz product catalogue was launched already in 2016. Now more than 800 products from 130 manufacturers are listed and many users are using the platform to rate products.

As a new service Sendea.biz now also lists availability and local prices. This brings tremendous advantages for the local off-grid industry: local companies and their offers become visible for customers, and at same time the prices for off-grid products become comparable.

This marketplace works very simply:

  • Companies offering products can put their products for free on the web platform. Just download and fill out the form.
  • Customers searching for products in their country can select products, check prices and then get in contact with the supplier directly through a link on the webpage.

Users of the marketplace platform can select product by product groups and manufacturers. The list can also be sorted by several options, for instance by pricing or customer rating.

This new service for more transparency in the off-grid industry is for free. 



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