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SolarPower Europe calls for 35% renewable energy target

SolarPower Europe officially called on the European Commission, Member States and European Parliament to show more ambition on renewable energy in the light of the successful conclusion to COP21 in Paris.

Oliver Schaefer, President of SolarPower Europe, stated ‘Our Board has recognized that more ambition is needed in Europe to reach the objective of limiting global warming to just 1,5C degrees, which the European Union signed up to in Paris. We have therefore unanimously agreed to call for a renewable energy target of 35% to be achieved by 2030. The European Union must review the targets suggested in 2014 in line with global developments, it would be foolish to pretend that nothing has changed since COP21.’

The European Union is due to set new renewable energy targets for the period after 2020 through the course of the coming two years. Alexandre Roesch, Policy Director of SolarPower Europe added ‘We now have a unique opportunity to go beyond ‘business as usual’ and sustain the claim that Europe is the world number one in renewables. As a first step we need a coherent policy package in December this year with a clear 35% target and an appropriate market design to support the energy transition.’


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