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The new Off-Grid Industry Yearbook 2018

120 most relevant articles for the off-grid industry

Sun-Connect News publishes since 2012 practice-relevant articles from renowned international authors of the off-grid business. With 10,000 recipients of its regular newsletter, Sun-Connect News is the largest information media of this young industry.

The most important and relevant articles of the year 2017 were selected for the present anthology, covering the entire spectrum of the off-grid business. The contributions do not provide a comprehensive handbook, but give suggestions, hints and tips. Some essays are also challenging, stimulate in-depth discussion or opposition.

Thank you to 121 authors who contributed 120 articles to this Yearbook 2018.

Content categories with sample articles:


  • Energy solutions shouldn’t just tick boxes, they should transform communities 
  • Solar products, beyond lanterns, are currently out of reach of the extreme poor 
  • Rethinking the cost of off-grid power: Let’s do the math 
  • Three key challenges for the off-grid sector to become a real industry 
  • Energy sector requires more than just soundbites on women’s empowerment 

Off-Grid Living

  • Why refugees deserve better  
  • Does providing energy access improve the lives of women and girls? Sort of. 
  • Time poverty: The key to addressing gender disparity 


  • How to use keycode systems to deliver PAYG solar in off-grid energy markets? 
  • How does marketing unlock solar energy growth? Insights on motivations for purchase of solar off-grid energy services
  • Is a subsidy on LED lighting economically viable? 


  • The myth of micro-finance: it is not a women’s empowerment tool 
  • The rise of a new asset class: Can ‘PAYGo finance’ connect investors to low-income customers? 
  • Impact investing has it backward: it’s time to prioritize the needs of social enterprises, not just investors 



  • The hope invested in rural microgrids deserves better returns 
  • “Baseload”: An outdated term that should not be confused with “reliability” 
  • Everyone is talking about blockchain, so why all the hype? 


  • Rural India needs solar power for more than just lighting 
  • Solar power for poor rural households in ASE-AN: Lessons from Cambodia 
  • Australia: As one home heads off grid… many more are choosing not to connect 
  • How unreliable power supply affect bloggers in Nigeria 
  • Unlocking an energy revolution in Ethiopia with lessons from the black market 

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sun-connect-news.org | Harald Schützeichel

SUN-CONNECT / Off-Grid News 2018

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