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The World has a new Solar Energy Leader: Liechtenstein

On 26.6.2015, the Zurich based non-profit SolarSuperState Association published its SolarSuperState Ranking 2015 showing Liechtenstein as new solar energy leader.

The ranking sorts all 197 states of the world in 2 categories: Wind and Solar. The new top runner in the category Solar is Liechtenstein with an cumulative installed capacity of photovoltaics of some 480 Watt per capita. The Kingdom of Denmark leads the category Wind with some 850 Watt per capita wind power.

In 2015, Liechtenstein takes the global lead in the per-capita photovoltaic application at the State level in the SolarSuperState ranking for the first time. The small state pushes back Germany in the category Solar to rank 2. Liechtenstein – not optimally positioned for wind energy use – remains geographically at a low level and remains paralyzed in the from year to year shrinking group of smaller-than-1-Watt-per-capita States.

In wind energy, it was outclassed by Pakistan, the Philippines, Samoa, Peru and South Africa. Through a single large wind turbine, Liechtenstein could overtake Switzerland in the SolarSuperState ranking and would then have more than ten times more power per population as Switzerland today.

The SolarSuperState Association is the global voice of people and organizations that can benefit from rapidly increasing markets for decentralized renewable energy technologies. The SolarSuperState Association organizes the annual SolarSuperState Prize which will take place at 29 June 2015 at 17:00 in Giessenstrasse 7 in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. The successful policy of Liechtenstein will be discussed and the winner state will be celebrated.


SolarSuperState Association 2015

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