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World’s first ‘intelligent’ electric vehicle battery unveiled by European battery producer InoBat Auto

AI-built batteries to be produced from 2021 in the heart of Europe


  • InoBat Co-Founder and CEO,Marian Boceklaunches theworld’s first‘intelligent’ EV battery
  • Bocek marks “vision”for AI-built battery a “reality”withindustry pioneering announcement
  • InoBat’s Gen1 battery unveiled on stage at GLOBSEC Tatra Summit 2020 in Slovakia
  • ‘Intelligent’ batteries to be developed and produced at world-first AI-driven R&D battery centre in the heart of Europe next year
  • InoBat’s Gen 1 battery already outperforming competition with higher energy density
  • InoBat’s batteries deliver an increase of almost 20% in operational range for current best-in-class electric vehicles
  • InoBatset to propel EV market forwardas batteriescan be commercialised significantlyfaster than its competitorsand customised to any electric vehicle
  • “No other battery cell maker has the technology to test and discover battery chemistries as quick as InoBat” –Marian Bocek, speaking on InoBat
  • Gigafactoryconfirmedto be built by beginning of 2025 to serve global marketat scale

The world’s first ‘intelligent’ electric vehicle battery was today launched to the world by European EV battery producer, InoBat Auto(InoBat) in agroundbreakingannouncement delivered by the company’s CEO, Marian Bocek.

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