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WWEA Bulletin Issue 2-2016: Small Wind Special

2016 Small Wind World Report Summary

“With this Bulletin, we have the pleasure to present you with a special edition dedicated to small windturbines, a growing segment within the family of renewable energy technologies.

For many years now, WWEA has been supporting this technology, which calls for different approachesthan the “large” wind turbines. Small wind applications are often found in offgrid areas and hybrid systems,and also in household or “behind the meter” consumption.

The articles in this Bulletin are based on the presentations given during the World Wind Summit forSmall Wind 2016. They give us a snapshot of where small wind stands today: readers will find country specificinformation and case studies from Austria, China and St. Helena Island, as well as articles about how to makesmall wind projects feasible and bankable.

One important focus of WWEA’s work on small wind has always been on quality and reliability of smallwind turbines. Without doubt, it is still difficult for consumers today to understand the small wind market andto choose the right products. Hence I am especially pleased about IRENA’s contribution on how to create aquality infrastructure, including standards and certification, to support healthy markets for small wind. ” Stefan Gsänger (Secretary General
World Wind Energy Association)

Regional Focus

  • The Development of Chinese Small Wind Generators
  • Small Wind Power in Austria
  • Hybrid Energy on St. Helena Island – Result and Lessons Learned

 Optimizing Small Wind

  • Methodology for a Bankable Wind Measurement Program for Small Wind Projects
  • Small Wind Technology: Developing Bankable Proposals Supported by a Quality Infrastructure
  • Parametric Study of Influencing Parameters for Micro Urban Wind Turbines
  • QiLOAD, a Load Profile Assessment and Forecast Tool for Microgrid Design and Optimization

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WWEA – World Wind Energy Association 2016

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