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Say “NO” to Hormone Disrupting Chemicals

Tell the European Commission that you want to remove Hormone Disrupting Chemicals from our lives to protect our health!

Hormone disrupting chemicals, often known as endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs), are chemicals that can interfere with natural hormones, the chemical messengers of our bodies.

Our everyday exposure to these chemicals – in our food, cosmetics, homes, work places, schools, and hospitals, to name just a few routes, must stop in order to protect the health of current and future generations.

Scientific evidence links exposure to hormone disrupting chemicals to spiralling rates of hormone-related cancers such as breast or testicular cancer, fertility problems, diabetes and obesity as well as learning and behavioural problems in children. Exposure also disrupts the hormonal systems of wildlife. The World Health Organization (WHO) has called hormone disrupting chemicals a ‘global threat’.

Due to intensive industry lobbying, the European Commission has delayed action on hormone disrupting chemicals. However, a public consultation has now been launched to gather feedback on public concerns.

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We need you to help us send a strong message to the European Commission. Take part in the public consultation and help us push back against the industry lobbying that may otherwise weaken action on hormone disrupting chemicals at the expense of people’s health, the environment and wildlife!

This is the only chance you will have to directly give your opinion and to make yourself heard in Brussels.

Take action
The European Commission has made the public consultation very technical and seems uninterested in the public opinion on hormone disrupting chemicals. But we have made it easy for you to make your voice heard! Just fill in the information below and with four simple steps, your submission will be sent directly to the European Commission.

The prepared answers to the consultation are available via the Questions and answers link below to the right so you can read these before taking action below.

The public consultation is open until 16 January 2015. You can find more about the consultation on the European Commission website


EDC-Free Europe Secretariat (Health and Environment Alliance HEAL) 2014

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