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Climate crisis – there is no “after”

The weather experts await up to 38 degrees heat these days. In southern Europe up to 45 degrees and more. No more doubt: The climate crisis is the question of survival of humanity.

In the fight against heat, drought, forest fires and heavy rain, every little green counts. The author of the book “Phyto for Future – with plants from the climate crisis”, landscape architect Tim Kaysers, even recommends: “Let your roof go to the roof.” Of course, it is even more effective: trees on the roofs – forests in the city.

Since the 1960s, the number of days over 30 degrees has doubled in this country: from four to eight. Peter Hoffmann, expert for weather extreme at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research: “It is now eight days. In the past extremely years of 2018 and 2019 it was almost 20 days. ”

More trees and green in the cities

So: less concrete, but more trees and more green in our cities. Finally saying goodbye to the car-friendly concrete city- towards a human and climate-friendly city. Facades, for example, offer a huge potential to bring more green to the cities or green roofs in combination with solar systems.

Singapore is a pioneer in greening. No new building is approved there if the facade is not greened. Switzerland, as one of the first countries “the dignity of plants”, has included in its constitution. This is not a romance, but very realistic, because there are no people without plants.

When it comes to more efficient climate protection, not only municipalities are in demand, but above all the federal government. It mainly has tremendous catch -up needs in the building sector. The traffic light has so far not delivered the promised “immediate program climate protection”. Mainly the liberals are on the brake.

The bureaucratic hurdles in the expansion of solar systems and wind turbines are still far too high. The bogus debate over longer terms of the three remaining nuclear power plants in Germany is much more important. Without lawyers, climate protection works practically nothing. Bioenergy is completely neglected and the expansion of the geothermal energy is completely overslept.

This is despite the fact that the renewables are now far more cheaper than the old fossil atomar energy sources. In addition, the mirror: “In the middle of the energy crisis, electricity is traded at more high prices than ever. This becomes expensive for consumers, but gives ecostrom generators of fairytale profits.”

The climate crisis will soon be irreversible if we do not act quickly and consistently. After that there should be no “after”.



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