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For Our Future – 100% Renewable Energy!

Why 100% Renewable Energy? Oil or Gas means: Wars about Resources – Oil or gas means: Ever increasing energy costs – Oil or gas or coal means: The destruction of our irreplaceable environment.

Renewable energy means: Energy which costs nothing. The sun and the wind don´t send us an invoice. We only need efficient technologies. What a chance for Africa and for all poor countries and for the whole world.

  • Renewable energy means: We have energy for the next five billion years.
  • Renewable energy means: Peace with the sun instead wars about oil.
  • Renewable energy means: No destruction of the environment.
  • The choice is up to us: Destruction or future? What do we really want?

Sun and wind mean: Solar energy is social energy: In Africa we produce 2019 sun-electricity for 2.5 Cent per kilowatt-hour, in Saudi- Arabia in some years for 1 Cent – without destruction our planet.

For the first time in history the survival of mankind depends on a radical spiritual, economic and ecological change. Only with a solar energy economy or with a solar world economy we can solve the problems of the 21. century. Renewable energy is, indeed, not everything. But without it, everything becomes to naught.

With the help of Renewable Energies we can make poverty history. The sun is our elementary future.

And now I bring to you the message of my friend, the Dalai Lama, for our meeting in Bonn

Save the Environment  –  The Dalai Lama´s Climate-Appeal

Buddha would be Green – Me too, I am Green (Dalai Lama)

Were Buddha to return to our world and join a political party, he would certainly go green! An environmentalist!

If I had to vote, I would also decide in favour of a party that defends our environment. For one of the most positive developments these days is our increasing awareness of the importance of nature.

We cannot survive if we keep working against nature. We must learn to live and work ecologically with nature. As a Buddhist monk believing in rebirth, I feel that, even for selfish reasons, we must pay more attention to our planet: Because we will come back to this planet. And all of us would like to live on a healthy earth, later on as well. The belief in rebirth calls for more environmental and climate protection.

Environmental education must be given top priority as we all have become witnesses of the destruction of our ecosystem and a dramatic decrease in biodiversity. I therefore heartily welcome the fact that hundreds of thousands of young people worldwide are now going on school-strike for more climate protection. This new movement “Fridays for Future” is vital. I call to the young protesters: Be rebels for climate protection and climate justice because it is you who are primarily concerned. Global warming is not a matter of fate. Problems created by mankind can also be solved by mankind – through compassion and through love. Compassion and love being the most important universal medicine.

Concern for our earth is our duty, that is to say, not only young people’s duty. So parents and grandparents should support their children and grandchildren. Our planet is not only mankind’s common heritage but also the basis of our lives. We all share the        s a m e  earth and the s a m e  sun. But if we keep exploiting the resources of this earth, we will undermine our existence. We finally must learn to behave like homo sapiens rather than a homo fool. Protection and preservation of the earth are not just a question of morality and ethics, but a matter of survival. The way we face this challenge will not only affect our generation but also future ones.

We need a revolution of compassion

Dear friends in Bonn: I wish and pray that we will realize that we must take greater care of the earth. Not before we understand that our earth is like a mother, Mother Earth, will we give her the necessary care. Today the entire human family must unite in a sustainable, holistic and ecological community, cooperating and cherishing our common house.

I agree with you: 100% renewable energy is our future! 


Franz Alt 2019

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