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The alternative is called the solar age

Before the Putin invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24, 2022, Russia controlled seven percent of the neighboring country. Today, it already controls about 20 percent. But Putin wants more.

The Kremlin dictator made this clear once again in a speech in St. Petersburg (June 9, 2022). His real goal is the restoration of ancient greatness, the renaissance of the holy Russian empire. Putin does not live in the 21st century. His policy is stuck in the imperialism and colonialism of the 18th century. Tragically, he is supported in this madness by the Russian Orthodox Patriarch Cyril. This includes the conquest of foreign territories.

To take back means to conquer

Of course, he does not speak of “conquering”, but of – with a smirk – “taking back”. Putin: Tsar Peter the Great also met with considerable resistance when he did not conquer the territories around St. Petersburg, but “reclaimed” them from Sweden. Putin said this on the occasion of the 350th birthday of Tsar Peter the Great only a few days ago. Putin literally: “Apparently, this is also our destiny: to take back and strengthen”.

And Russian talk shows on state television are already asking whether Poland and the Baltic states should be “brought back” next. Western observers, journalists and politicians who dismiss such questions as “mere propaganda” should be reminded that the Kremlin leader already a year ago in an essay denied Ukraine the right to exist. And already for 15 years Putin has been talking about the fact that for him the fall of the Soviet Union was “the greatest misfortune of the 20th century.”

The restoration of the old greatness of the “Russian world” is what drives Putin. In this, the tyrant czar Peter the Great is his historical role model. The imperialism and colonialism of 300 years ago is the intellectual world that still captivates Putin today. Anyone who wants to understand him now must bear this in mind. The man has not yet arrived in the 21st century. Just as little as the two US presidents Bush the Elder and Bush the Younger had arrived in their time with their oil wars in the Middle East and accepted hundreds of thousands of deaths for it.

Putin’s “Russian world”

Putin combines historical greatness and geographic expanse in the same way that the two U.S. presidents Bush combined political greatness and disposal of fossil resources.

Both great powers are still caught in this historical delusion today. All industrialized nations are still hooked on the drip of the fossil fuel economy like a junkie on a needle. The liberation from this delusion is offered by the rapid and complete changeover to renewable energies, which are sufficiently available in all countries of the world. The alternative is: wars for oil and gas or peace through sun and wind. There is no way around the solar age.

To paraphrase a famous quote by Helmut Schmidt, anyone who does not have this vision should see a doctor. The rapid switch to 100 percent renewable energy is the decisive step toward world peace. The solution to the energy question is in the sky for all time.


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