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The sun does not send us a bill

If we learn to truly love life and creation, we will not continue to destroy ourselves or creation. If we want to stop climate change, we need exactly this change of consciousness.

Evolution means transformation, change, transformation and future. We humans have survived ice ages and terrible wars, dictatorships and terrible plagues, Hitler and Stalin. It is a miracle that we are still here. Being here, BEING here is the meaning of our existence. So we can still do something. The future has always been open and it will remain so. We live today in a world which – despite all problems – is better than all previous ones: Fewer people are starving than 50 years ago, more children are going to school than ever before, there has never been so much prosperity as today. Despite all the wars: there has never been so little violence as in our time. Democracy, separation of powers, justice, human rights are advances that generations before us only dreamed of. Today, less than one tenth of the people die from violence than 2,000 years ago – thanks to the rule of law, laws, human rights and moral standards.

We are experienced in transformation. That’s why we can also work on a good future. We just have to really want to. We are all part of the problems of our time. But we can all also become part of the solution. The great transformation requires a whole series of turnarounds: Solar energy turnaround, ecological transportation turnaround, organic agriculture turnaround, regional water turnaround, sustainable forest turnaround, equitable resource turnaround, intelligent research turnaround, engaging with the cycles and rhythms of nature.

We are probably the first generation to recognize the need for all these turnarounds, but probably the last to fundamentally change them. The necessary transformation is the greatest challenge of the generations living today.

Nothing remains as it is. The philosopher, mathematician and political advisor Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz was one of the most influential scholars of the early Enlightenment some 300 years ago. He knew that “the present is charged with the past – and goes pregnant with the future.” A better world is not only possible, it is already in the making.

What might that mean for political parties that are fit for the future? Grab the ministries of energy, construction, transportation and agriculture when the next government is formed and create sustainable policies for the next generations. Plan and organize for the solar age.

It is helpful if we stare less at future disaster and instead act and build something new. Changing course ecologically is also the smartest thing we can do economically now at the beginning of the new decade. Bishop Heinrich Bedford-Strohm proposes building “cathedrals of hope.” Every applied technology for the energy transition is a sign of hope. For the world of our children and grandchildren. No hero is coming to solve our problems. We have to do that ourselves.

I show compassion, therefore I am

It is up to us to unfold the highest form of human creativity so far and to develop economy, ecology and justice together in an eco-social market economy. Joy of life is the basis of a new humanity. In a society of open arms we help each other to understand ourselves better. We can further develop our present “I” society into a “we” society. This would be a fundamental contribution to the preservation of creation. In Jesus’ mother tongue, Aramaic, love is identical with joy of life and peace.

My wish for all of us in the New Decade: Let us remain renewable.

Our future is not a blind destiny, it can be shaped. All problems created by humans are also solvable by humans. That is simply logical, creation-logical. The sun sends us 15,000 times more energy than all people consume today. In addition, there is wind, water power, geothermal energy, bioenergy and the current and wave energy of the oceans. By nature, there is no energy problem. We just have to learn to trust in nature more than we have in the past. Even Jesus knew in his Sermon on the Mount: “The Father’s sun shines for all.

What a promise 2,000 years ago. The solution to the energy problem is in the sky. And the most beautiful thing: The sun does not send us a bill.


Franz Alt 2023 / first publication “SOLAR TIME AGE” / 1-2023 | Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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