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The Spiral Tower: first climate-neutral high-rise attraction in the world

A Netherlands-based consortium of experts and high-tech companies – some of which were also involved in the development of the London Eye – is launching a unique attraction: the Spiral Tower.

The world’s first climate-neutral high-rise attraction, the Spiral Tower is an architectural eye-catcher. It features integrated solar panels, vertical gardens and is crowned with an urban windmill. The Spiral Tower will become a landmark for city centres, urban developments, expo terrains and parks, offering visitors 360-degree views of their surroundings.

Cabins magically spiral up

“The innovative construction lets autonomous electric cabins, that on their way down regenerate energy like an electric car, magically spiral up the tower,” says Peter Doesburg, sales manager at Bosch Rexroth. “And the cabin windows offer augmented reality information about must-see city spots, historic highlights, new urban developments and sustainable initiatives,” adds Peter Slavenburg, director of NorthernLight, the design company behind the concept. The tower operation is steered by an intelligent control system that reduces energy use and maintenance – and maximizes efficiency. The Spiral Tower is made from a lightweight steel construction using circular materials. Compared with traditional high-rise attractions, it has an exceptionally small footprint.

The consortium is already talking to several cities and expos worldwide that have shown interest in this attraction. Which location will be the first to launch the Spiral Tower?

Find out more at www.spiraltower.info


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