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The Solar Bike was designed to be like any regular bike. That’s why the Solar Bike is easy to ride and maintain.

The Solar Bike charges energy from the sun. The on-wheel solar cells deliver clean energy directly to the battery. While the Solar Bike is standing still, it charges the battery. When it is in motion, the solar cells and the battery provides energy for the motor.

  • The SOLAR BIKE is an innovative and sustainable alternative to the electric bike, designed to improve life.
  • It’s battery is directly charged by using RENEWABLE SOLAR ENERGY, which makes the bike COST FREE and SETS YOU FREE. (no plugs needed). One does not have to look for a charging point.
  • The SPEED can be easily adjusted to your needs. (standard 25km/hour – max. 50km/hour)
  • The DESIGN is authentic & user friendly with integrated solar cells. It looks and works like any regular bike.
  • The battery capacity stores sufficient energy for 70km. 
  • The solar cells are HIGHLY EFFICIENT & SHADOW OPTIMIZED which provides 2-25km/day. (depending on the sun hours)
  • You will NEVER GET INVISIBLE in traffic – the lights have integrated solar technology as well.


The Solar Bike 2015

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