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New KICKSTARER Campaign for e-Bike fans!

If you ever considered making an e-bike out of your normal bike, then Frank Fox and his team from go-e have probably the right solution for you on the internet platform kickstarter.com.

The “ONwheel” Motor is being mounted with a simple screw at the place of your former bike stand, between pedals and the rear wheel. You only have to mount the mounting plate, where the motor can be plugged in every time you want to have an e-bike. The motor weights only 850g and can make your bike an e-bike within 5 seconds. So you can decide before every ride if you want to use the motor and battery or not.

The system offers a clear advantage for all those, who considered buying an e-bike but did not want to give away their old bike. According to the developers, the initial installation can be done by everyone in a few minutes. The battery, sensors, push buttons for speed regulation and even an USB connector are directly connected to the mounting plate, which remains on the bike.

An additional feature is the smartphone app, which offers a cycling map and an overview about power usage and speed. Furthermore you can set power and speed limits within the app. The motor is set to 250W and 25km/h when it is shipped but that limits can be changed to a maximum of 800W and 45km/h. The system is designed as a pedelec system in order to meet the law.

If you believe you found the ideal solution for your bike, the project can still be supported on KICKSTARTER until September 13th, 2015.


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