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VCÖ: Excessive exhaust emissions now measured at other automakers

VW is only tip of the iceberg. The diesel exhaust scandal is widening: In the Netherlands (EURO 6) was for measurements on behalf of the Environment Ministry in a Mercedes C-Class while driving at city speeds by up to 40 times at nitrogen oxides measured as the test bench.

VW is just the tip of the iceberg, and other manufacturers have when driving on the road clearly excessive nitric oxide levels, highlights the VCÖ. The VCÖ sees the EU Parliament demanded to speak out against the weakening of emission limits in tomorrow’s vote.

The Dutch testing institute has conducted emission tests on behalf of the Environment Ministry. In a Mercedes C-Class (advanced exhaust class EURO 6) was commended for its up to 40-fold higher nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions than to the test measured at city speeds.

The VCÖ indicates that nitrogen oxides are very harmful. Especially nitrogen dioxide can cause severe respiratory disease in children lung growth may be affected, and have long-term lung damage. “If many excessive amounts of pollutants are emitted just with city speeds, the air is there particularly heavily soiled, where many people live or are traveling,” makes VCÖ expert Ulla Rasmussen attention to the consequences. We again see that VW is just the tip of the iceberg, says the Austrian Traffic Club. Also other manufacturers have when traveling on the road clearly excessive nitric oxide levels on.

The VCÖ reminiscent of the known in recent weeks become test results: According to France’s Environment Minister Segolene Royal “cars of some brands’ strong elevated levels have in the models tested so far by the French Commission of Inquiry exhibited. Renault has already launched a recall.There were only 22 tested a total of 100 models. In Belgium, a commission of inquiry will start inspections after at Opel conspicuous levels were observed.

In the United Kingdom met with exhaust tests under real driving conditions, 95 percent of 153 tested diesel passenger cars (Euro 6 and Euro 5) more nitrogen oxides than the limit in the official test method allows. Worst mean a Jeep Grand Cherokee from that 15 times as many nitrogen oxides emitted as the limit for the test method prescribes. The British consumer advocates spoke of “nitrogen oxide factories on four wheels”.

Even earlier measurements by independent institutes have found that new EURO6 when driving on the road exceed diesel cars the laboratory in nitrogen oxides partly by a multiple. Same time, the product recalls of VW and Renault, it is easy technically to reduce the quantities of pollutants.

“Whether, as in VW a cheating software has been installed, is relevant from a legal perspective. But for the health of the population is one and only important which pollutants come out at the exhausts on the road. Therefore, all manufacturers should perform those technical improvements to cars that cause when driving particularly high quantities of pollutants, leading to lower emissions, the “stresses VCÖ expert Ulla Rasmussen

The VCÖ demands that the authorities of the EU member states publish the respective test results completely. Austria should stick out for this publication. In addition, the Austrian Traffic Club now also the EU Parliament sees demanded. “I hope that the European Parliament rejected that in tomorrow’s vote means the end of the nitrogen oxide limits. The health of the population constitutes a priority, “notes VCÖ expert Ulla Rasmussen.


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