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Climate talks refuse to be blown off course by US election surprise

The first week of the UN climate summit in Marrakech was overshadowed by the result of the US presidential election. But it has not been derailed. New leadership and renewed commitment has emerged, which is taking forward the Paris Agreement.

Kaisa Kosonen, global climate policy leader of Greenpeace, said: “The US election result was an undetonated grenade dropped into the middle of this process,  but it was quickly kicked away by the other countries who remain completely committed to fighting climate change.

“Countries now need to put their shoulders to the wheel with extra effort and resolve to steer us towards a future based on 100% renewable energy.”
Next week, Marrakech needs to deliver a two year plan which starts immediately and results in a strong rulebook for the Agreement and faster and deeper emission cuts by all countries. There is still unfinished business from Paris, particularly on finance, which needs to be resolved if we are to make this Agreement work.  
China has shown it is determined to stay the course and is making progress in reducing its coal consumption in time for the first formal review of climate actions in two year’s time. Keeping average temperature rise to 1.5C, as agreed in Paris, means all countries need to deliver more with their climate actions.
“The bottom line is that we need to see more ambitious targets and delivery in the short term.” said Kosonen.
Here in Marrakech, the Moroccan Presidency will be demonstrating the way forward with a keynote high-level event that singles out 100% renewable energy as the way to limit temperature rises. Morocco is already a leader in the region with its commitment to 52% of installed generating capacity coming from renewables by 2030.
Kaisa Kosonen added: “We are the generation that will end fossil fuels. We are here in Marrakech to escalate the message to world leaders that the future for all of us will be 100% renewable energy. A clean energy revolution is sweeping the world and it is unstoppable.”

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