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IRENA's Energy Transition

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IRENA’s Energy Transition Support to Strengthen Climate Action

Insight to Impact

IRENA is the lead intergovernmental agency working on energy transition through renewables. Renewables offers an innovative, sustainable and cost-effective solution to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions at scale towards meeting the objectives of the Paris Agreement. IRENA’s role is pivotal in supporting countries to enhance and implement their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and to meet climate pledges.

IRENA has been engaging with 72 Parties of the 2015 Paris Agreement to support their efforts to enhance their climate pledges and implement the existing climate action plan through the energy transition. This engagement covers a total population of around 1.8 billion people with a carbon footprint of 3.2 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent.

This report highlights the work done by the Agency during the NDCs review process, the support offered through its different work packages as well as facilitating Parties and countries with project developments, financing and investment. The Annex lists support and NDC commitments for individual countries.

Distribution of IRENA’s Work packages


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