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Stockholm+50: A Healthy Planetfor the Prosperity of All – OurResponsibility, Our Opportunity

An international meeting hosted by Sweden and Kenya
Stockholm, Sweden 2-3 June 2022

Securing a healthy and prosperous planet for all means embarking on a joint journey where our footprint of today does not hamper the well-being of current and future generations. Stockholm+50 presents an opportunity for co-creation and multi-stakeholder approach to accelerate implementation in the coming decade in areas fundamental to a sustainable future: the relationship between human and nature,
what we invest in, and how resources are used and shared.

Why should you be part of Stockholm+50? – a commemoration, a reflection – a time to act

Five decades after the 1972 UN Conference in Stockholm made the link between environment and poverty and placed it at the forefront of the international agenda, Stockholm welcomes the world again in June 2022. We will commemorate the watershed moment that the 1972 conference represents, and reflect on the current situation we find ourselves, through addressing the intergenerational responsibility, focusing on the implementation opportunities, and recognising interconnectivity between stakeholders and between policy issues. Stockholm+50 offers an opportunity for nations and stakeholders to collaborate, share expertise and address complex nexus issues for urgent actions and long-term system change. It can identify solutions and actions of a cross-cutting nature to drive implementation through a whole-of-government and whole-of-society approach, leaving no one behind.

What will Stockholm+50 achieve? – a catalytic forum for bold action

After the Food Systems Summit, climate COP26, the High Level Dialogue on Energy, UNEA5.2, and UNEP@50, and ahead of climate COP27 and biodiversity COP15 amongst other key events, Stockholm+50 is a timely opportunity to reinforce the 1972 principles and to generate urgent actions for a healthy planet for the prosperity of all by:

• Accelerating the implementation of commitments for a sustainable, inclusive, peaceful and gender- responsive future through exploring enhanced and innovative financing and capacity building opportunities, showcasing solutions and examining existing structures;
• Driving actions across sectors needed to recover and build forward from the pandemic and its adverse impacts on people, planet and prosperity;
• Advancing policies and partnerships for transitioning to a net-zero, zero-pollution and nature-positive global economy, including by rethinking new metrics for our economy;
• Promoting structures for meaningful youth participation, by strengthening the voice and representation of young people, and ensuring that the wellbeing of current and future generations is at the core of all discussions; and
• Supporting the mobilisation of innovative and bold action and collaboration by business to drive system transformation.

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UN 50 / environment programme 2022

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