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Pioneering the Future of Energy Storage: Sage Geosystems’ Revolutionary Technology

In a world where energy demand fluctuates with weather patterns, Sage Geosystems is leading the charge in making electricity readily available whenever it’s needed, regardless of environmental conditions. By leveraging proven oil and gas technologies alongside geothermal baseload expertise, Sage Geosystems has unveiled a game-changing energy storage solution that’s set to revolutionize the way we view power storage.

Introducing EarthStore™: A Mechanical Energy Storage Marvel

At the heart of our innovation lies EarthStore™, a mechanical energy storage technology that taps into the pressure energy of fluid stored deep underground, enhanced by the heat from the Earth’s formation. When electricity supply surpasses demand, our system springs into action, storing excess electricity to power pumps and inject water, all stored below ground. Then, when the grid faces its highest demands, the system opens up, allowing water to surge from fractures with incredible force, driving turbines that generate electricity.

Meeting the Grid’s Most Pressing Challenge

The utility grid today grapples with the challenge of efficiently transporting energy from times of low demand to times of high demand. Sage Geosystems is here to provide the solution. Our technology offers both short- and long-duration energy storage, with discharge times ranging from mere hours to days and possibly seasons. This flexibility ensures that electricity is available precisely when and where it’s needed most.

The Power of Experience

Behind this pioneering technology is a team with decades of experience in the oil and gas industry. Cindy Taff, our CEO and a former vice president of unconventional wells and logistics for Shell, leads the charge. We embarked on our journey by re-entering a gas exploration well in Starr County, Texas, initially drilled by Shell in 2008. Our pilot testing, conducted in 2021 and February 2023, involved pumping large volumes of water into the fracture and measuring flow rates and pressure using oil and gas equipment on the surface.

Revolutionizing Energy Storage

The results of our commercial pilot, released on September 12, are nothing short of remarkable:

  • Produced 200 kW for more than 18 hours (long-duration) and 1 MW for 30 minutes (load-following), with limitations solely due to rental surface equipment piping.
  • Recorded measured subsurface system efficiencies between 88% and 94%, with an estimated round-trip efficiency of 70%-75%—comparable to other energy storage solutions.
  • Generated electricity using Pelton turbines, offering the potential to power equipment on location.
  • Produced waste heat, opening opportunities for industrial applications.

Scaling Towards the Future

Our pilot showcased that a single well can generate 2 MW-3 MW of net storage, and our levelized cost of storage (LCOS) is highly competitive with traditional options like pumped storage hydropower and lithium-ion batteries. What’s more, our approach is not only cost-effective but also efficient and environmentally friendly.

As we look ahead, we’re taking steps to scale our technology. Plans are in motion to create a “power plant” comprising a single well with 2 to 3 MW of capacity, with the potential to scale up to 50 MW with multiple wells. Sites in Texas and Louisiana are under consideration, with discussions underway with oil and gas producers and renewable energy providers.

A Convergence of Industries

The synergy between the geothermal and oil and gas sectors is clear. As these two industries converge, we’re excited to be at the forefront, leveraging oil and gas expertise to drive down costs and bring this transformative technology to the world.

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