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Energiewende travel guide published in English

Discover and explore the Energiewende – the transformation of the German energy system – in English. The new travel guide “Germany – Experience Renewable Energy“ allows readers to do just that.

Edited by the German Renewable Energies Agency (AEE) and funded by the Federal Foreign Office, the travel guide will be published just in time for the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue conference which starts tomorrow. The richly illustrated guide includes some 200 destinations and a large number of maps. The German version was last published in 2014 as an updated edition.

Commenting on the first translation of the Energiewende travel guide into English, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said: “Other countries are following the comprehensive transformation of our energy supply very closely. Scarcely anybody deemed it realistic ten years ago, but today we know that the energy transition is technically and financially feasible.” AEE Managing Director Philipp Vohrer added: “In many ways, Germany is a pioneer when it comes to switching to renewables. This is illustrated in our new travel guide.”

“Germany successfully demonstrates that ecological sustainability and the reliability and affordability of our energy supply are mutually compatible,” Foreign Minister Steinmeier said. “In numerous places all over Germany, people have been helping step by step to achieve our goal of a modern and sustainable energy supply. This guide is the key to getting to know these places.”

Philipp Vohrer said: “In many regions, renewable energies have become not just an economic, but also a tourism asset. Many destinations described in the newly published travel guide by author Martin Frey are located in typical holiday regions. Renewables create tourist attractions and additional income opportunities for residents. Hand in hand with the tourism sector, the Energiewende creates leverage for future-oriented investments in many German municipalities and regions.”

The English-language travel guide “Germany – Experience Renewable Energy” features almost 200 travel and energy destinations in Germany’s 16 states, ranging from wind farms near the coast and energy trails in the low mountain areas to a solar-hydropower plant on the Swiss border, thus inspiring readers to explore renewable energies throughout the country. Featuring a large number of illustrations, infographics and maps, the guide invites readers to discover exciting renewables projects and worthwhile holiday destinations. A technical introduction, background information and close-up maps round off the book.


Germany Renewable Energies Agency 2016

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