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For Rookies, Spying Is A Dangerous Game

Project Black Hungarian is the first book to showcase a new concept by Capscovil.

A pioneering new piece of EV technology has been developed and is to be secretly field tested in Europe. The WAVE Trophy, a ten-day expedition full of Alpine challenges, offers the perfect cover.
But the technology has attracted the attentions of an unscrupulous organisation that will do anything in its power to ensure the test doesn‘t succeed.
Suddenly all eyes are on WAVE.

Project Black Hungarian is the first book to showcase a new concept by Capscovil:

Facts on information gathering techniques by NSA & Co, real events and visited locations from WAVE 2013 are woven into a suspense-packed spy story that also takes current global developments into account. Many participants, all pioneers and dyed-in-the wool enthusiasts, served as role models for characters in the spy novel. The described electric vehicle is no new model by Tesla Motors; however, it is based on a real electric car that features a range of 700 kilometers on one charge.

A major focus is on topics around electric vehicles and IT security. A special delicacy, if you will, is that through the eyes of the spy characters, the reader can take a clandestine peek at how today’s intelligence agencies operate while gathering information. Suffice to say, it’s a good thing there are responsible agents working against them.

Several partners of Capscovil support the project.

After a project time frame of 16 months, Project Black Hungarian has been published in August 2014.

The book is available internationally both in English and German, in print and electronically.

Exclusive editions and special partnership opportunities are available. For more information please contact here!


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