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IRENA: New Project Navigator launched

Project Navigator is a platform to facilitate the effective development of renewable energy projects worldwide.

 The tool, launched by IRENA, provides project developers with the knowledge, tools, case studies and best practices needed to support the successful completion of their projects. 

Many renewable energy project ideas are not implemented due to a lack of knowledge or expertise on how to move them forward. Successful projects are characterised by robust technology data, strong project proposals, and the inclusion of financing instruments and information for investment analysis. The Project Navigator aims to increase the percentage of successful renewable energy project proposals worldwide.

The Project Navigator walks developers through the project development process from initial idea to successful implementation, helping to create a comprehensive and bankable project proposal. The financial navigator section also allows users to search for funding by renewable energy type and region, drawing from a database of funds available for project financing.

Entrepreneurs, urban planners and researchers can benefit from the gathered information and resources on Project Navigator.

Register and access the Project Navigator: www.irena.org/navigator


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