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Kickoff for #beleaf – the world’s best disposable plates by courtesy of nature. Now for everyone

Leaf republic has now published its well kept secret of sustainable tableware made out of leaves on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter (leaf-republic.com/kickstarter).

From today on, everyone can fetch their early bird pledge: A lifetime supply of one-way dishes entirely made out of leaves. The main goal of the campaign is to raise awareness for sustainable packaging and to avoid oil-based plastics in daily life. Furthermore, we want to protect our environment and use its limited resources in a different way.
For three years now our start-up company based in Munich/Germany has been doing research in the area of sustainable packaging. This summer, leaf republic is revealing now its´ green, biodegradable and vegan tableware (one-way dishes) to the public. The crowdfunding goal is 50.000 Euro and the campaign is running for 29 days.

The Company
leaf republic carries out pioneering work, being the very first company to develop sustainable one-way disposable tableware and food packaging material made of nothing but tree leaves. The most important unique selling propositions are the green color of the packaging, the contemporary design, and the unique surface feel which give the customer a feeling of freshness and naturalness. Moreover, it is free from petroleum derivatives and genetically modified components.

In short:
.Sustainable, fair, compostable and „green“
.Innovative and patent protected
.Unique and individually customizable design

Product Idea
Food habits and the way of presenting food have changed and evolved over time. Especially in the field of grocery packaging, there are many functional solutions that fail to convince in terms of appearance. Due to the growing demand, there are diverse sustainable packaging products on the market. Leaf republic offers a broad range of applications combined with competitive pricing and a unique appearance of a natural green color.

Product Design
In order to meet the requirements of the food industry, the consumers, and our subsequent generations, we need innovative packaging: Sustainable and compostable, of high recognition value and strong promotional effects, with a competitive pricing. And not even colored, but naturally green.

What is our view?
We have a different view on what competition means: Creating additional value has to be the core target of a company – for employees, for customers and suppliers, for owners and investors, and finally for society in general. Another one of our targets is to push the market a bit further towards sustainability. While we gain success, more and more competitors will enter the market and give us the necessary incentives to become even more innovative. This is part of the development process of leaf republic, the soon-to-be leading company in our field, because: It is not the runner with the most expensive shoes who wins the race, but the one with the fastest legs.
Revolutions are not started by a market leader, but by lateral thinkers following a clear vision: Not to work within the system and to accept the standards as given, but to change the system and to set new standards. And this new standard for sustainable materials and especially sustainable packaging will be leaf republic.

Why are we doing it?
Packaging is a part of our daily lives. There has always been packaging and there always will be. As the number of people and their consumption keep on growing, the packaging market has an impressive size all over the world. Same applies to the markets for paper and cellulose. But such a size easily leads to complacency. Why are we doing it?
Because we spend only a brief moment on this world. Everything we own is only temporary. What really counts is what we create, what we build up. What counts are our actions and our decisions. They last forever. They make up the true value of our being. If these actions lead to building up a sustainable, social, gainful company, then we will have the greatest job in the world.


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