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Sun Towards High Noon: Solar Power Transforming Our Energy Future

Provides a detailed description of the various financing methods for solar PV systems, not available in any other book – Elaborately presents the demand for and the supply of PV modules on four continents with the remarkable use of tables and diagrams – Discusses the exponential growth of three new PV market segments.

The meteoric expansion of the solar (PV) industry resulted from an incredible reduction in the prices of PV systems—first described in the author’s earlier book Sun above the Horizon. It began early in the new century and continued in the following decade with an extraordinary upswing.

As a result, by the end of 2016, the worldwide PV operational power capacity grew to some 300 GW. Most of this increased capacity, 250 GW, was installed during the years 2010–2016.

Suddenly PV started to affect the traditional generation of electricity and helped reduce carbon emissions and other environmental impacts.

This book describes how this happened. Three practically unlimited new PV markets—residential, commercial, and utility scale—materialized, along with the new PV-oriented financial systems needed to provide the required gargantuan-scale capital.

This book also highlights the increasing demand for and the corresponding increased supply of PV cells and modules on four continents and the impact of this PV breakthrough on our lives and future.

To present this unparalleled story of societal transformation, the author was helped by the contributions of top experts Wolfgang Palz, Michael Eckhart, Allan Hoffman, Paula Mints, Bill Rever, and John Wohlgemuth.

Table of Contents

Meteoric Rise of PV Continues
Sun above the Horizon
Sun towards High Noon

New PV Markets Sustaining Mass Production
Utilization of the Terrestrial Solar Electricity
Solar Roofs for Residential Homes
Grids, Mini-Grids, and Community Solar
Commercial PV Systems
Utility-Scale Solar
Important Large Market: Solar Energy and Clean Water
Quality and Reliability of PV Systems
Storage of Electrical Energy
Solar Energy and Jobs

Financing of PV
Subsidies and Solar Energy
Wall Street and Financing
Solar Market Segmentation and Financing Methods
Solar Project Financing
Capital Market Investment in Solar Securities

Present and Future PV Markets
The Global View of PV
The Present and Future of Neglected PV Markets: Africa and the Middle East
The Present and Future Market in the Americas
The Present and Future Markets in Europe
The Present and Future Markets in Asia
The Present and Future Markets in Australia and in Oceania
Global Community Unites to Advance Renewable Energy: IRENA

The Impact of Solar Electricity
The Impact of Solar Electricity
In the Twilight of Big Oil, in Retrospect, PV Was a Missed Boat
PV and the Brave New World of the Electric Utilities

The Future of PV
Outlook to the Future


CRC Press 2018

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