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Independently published

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The Solar Electric Affair: A Thriller

The story winds through four continents. It takes place in a time when the old criminal systems fail and are being replaced by a digitalized version of a new criminal system.

At a well-known place, Monte Carlo, where people may commit suicide because they lost a fortune or may die because they made one. In this story a person did not make or lose a fortune but was found dead.

The story starts during the United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP 21) in Paris where 195 countries made history when they agreed to adopt clean energy and phase out fossil fuels. But there are industries, organizations and individuals protecting their fading business or their own ideology and not considering the benefit of people and the health of our planet and with whatever means they can are trying to slow down the meteoric rise of clean energy systems.

They use fabricated stories in the media, money for politicians to prepare regulations and institute taxes, and scientists and writers to write articles and speeches, but some of them may not stop there and that is where this story leads us.


Independently published 2018

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