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Chris Jordan/​Wikimedia Commons

© Chris Jordan/​Wikimedia Commons

The Story of ALBATROSS

On a tiny island in the heart of the Pacific, a story is taking place that may change the way you see everything. Chris Jordan is releasing ALBATROSS as a public artwork in collaboration with Parley.

Greetings and welcome to ALBATROSS. Watch on a system with good speakers if possible; the sound is big and immersive. Language subtitles are available by clicking the CC button; more languages coming soon! More info at albatrossthefilm.com.

Please DO NOT re-post ALBATROSS or any clips online. ALBATROSS is not in the public domain; individual viewers are given a free license to stream it, download, and store it on your hard drive; but not to re-post it or make money from it. Thank you for respecting our gift economy offering, and please consider making a donation to help us spread the film and translate it into more languages. You can donate here: albatrossthefilm.com/donate/

Sign up to preview the film and host a screening: www.albatrossthefilm.com

(Foto: Chris Jordan/​Wikimedia Commons)



PARLEYCHANNEL 2019 | www.albatrossthefilm.com

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