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KnesebeckVerlag | Adrian Bailey

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Wildlife Photographer of the Year: Unforgettable Behaviour

From a flamingo courtship dance to Amazon river dolphins playing water polo, these images show extraordinary, surprising and often deeply moving acts of animal behaviour.

Each photograph is accompanied by a short story describing how the picture came to be taken and its importance as a record of an unforgettable moment.

A must-have for photographers and all those with a passion for animals.

This is a collection of exceptional images of animal behaviour, all having been recognized in past years of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition – the most famous and prestigious event of its kind in the world.

Each captures a moment that reveals a special aspect of an animal’s lifestyle or a surprising element of behaviour, sometimes photographed for the very first time.Such images can involve luck, but it is a luck created by both photographic skill and an intimacy with the subject that usually comes from spending long periods in the field.

The pictures have been taken by more than 50 award-winning photographers worldwide representing more than 20 countries.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year: Unforgettable BehaviourKnesebeckVerlag | Udayan Rao Pawar

Natural History Museum, London 2018

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