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Oil and gas boycott for peace

According to a ZDF poll, 55 percent of people in Germany are in favor of stopping oil and gas deliveries from Russia, even if it causes supply problems. 39 percent are not in favor.

But the traffic light government is resisting a boycott – yet. The German government condemns this war, but transfers every day about 200 million euros into Putin’s war chest and thus finances this brutal war of extermination and genocide in Ukraine. In huge demonstrations we demand “Stop the war”, but then again we pay for these weapons on energy detours and detours.

It is right that the Berlin government reacts with restraint when the Ukrainian ambassador Andrij Melnik demands “weapons, weapons, weapons” and an “immediate no-fly zone over Ukraine” in an ARD broadcast. This could lead to an escalation of the conflict and even to the third world war. Even nuclear war. But it is absolutely irresponsible – the ambassador is right – that even now we are helping to finance Putin’s war.

The EU is divided on the issue of an oil and gas boycott against Russia. It has just decided, “Yes, maybe, but probably later.” Poland and the Baltic states are more in favor, but Germany, Austria, Hungary and Italy are among the brakemen because they are still more dependent on Russian supplies than almost everyone else.

Although Climate Minister Robert Habeck has been proclaiming for weeks: The lights and heaters will not go out in Germany, our storage facilities are well filled, Foreign Minister Anna-Lena Baerbock warns against a boycott of fossil fuels from Russia.

The Deutsche Umwelthilfe (German Environmental Aid) is quite different. In a 15-point immediate program, it shows how Germany could extricate itself from the Russian-fossil noose around our necks.

Key program points:

  • Solar panels immediately on all public buildings
  • Speed limit 100/80/30
  • Ban on the installation of fossil heating systems
  • Immediate start of a renovation wave for old buildings
  • Solar panels on balconies
  • Temperature reduction in public buildings
  • No more government cash giveaways for plag-in hybrids
  • Introduction of a 365-euro climate ticket
  • Ban on domestic short-haul flights.

In order to secure the energy supply, 92 percent of those surveyed in the ZDF Polit-Barometer believe in the rapid expansion of renewable energies and energy conservation. This would not only mean more independence from Russia, real solidarity with Ukraine and more climate protection, it would also be a helpful investment program for the future viability of the German economy.

Because the truth is: Only renewable energies are “freedom energies” (Christian Lindner), but they are also peace energies.

Wars have been waged over fossil raw materials for over a hundred years, and still are, but no potentate on this earth can wage a war over the sun and the wind. The sun has a safety distance to the earth of 150 million kilometers. Unattainable also for Vladimir Putin. Nature or evolution or God has done that wisely and well.

Peace with nature is possible

The prerequisite, of course, is a rapid switch to one hundred percent renewable energy. The immediate measures mentioned are a correct and important support for this. No peace in the world without peace with nature.

It is particularly gratifying that all the necessary new technologies are available and have been tested.



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