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The future belongs to renewables

When it comes to peace today, it is not only about military disarmament, but also about peace with nature – because we are already waging the third world war against nature and thus against ourselves and against our children.

We are a part of nature. Today, every day we exterminate 180 animal and plant species, lose 80,000 tons of fertile soil, increase deserts by an additional 50,000 hectares, and blow 150 million tons of greenhouse gases into the air. Every day!

The planet cannot withstand this in the long term. The climate scientists at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research or the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy or the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change still give us a grace period of perhaps 15 years, in which we must achieve a 100 percent switch to renewable energies. A completely different energy policy is the key to a better world and to a perhaps still tolerable climate. The rapid switch to renewable energies is also the prerequisite for peace.

Dependence on fossil-nuclear energy sources has often been a reason for war. But sun and wind are available almost everywhere and make us independent. No Putin can touch the sun. One of the central questions for the future is: wars over oil and gas or peace through the sun? The Russian government is mercilessly using oil, coal and gas as weapons in the Ukraine war. Only with soft domestic energies will we have a good and peaceful future. Albert Einstein said: “The problems that exist in the world cannot be solved with the same way of thinking that created them”. The sun is the energy superpower of tomorrow. Jesus already knew this in his Sermon on the Mount 2000 years ago: “The Father’s sun shines for all”. The solution to the climate crisis is in the sky.

The sun shines on every roof

The sun shines “by itself,” the wind blows “by itself,” water flows “by itself” and cleans itself “by itself,” and trees and plants grow “by themselves. The energy turnaround, which has become necessary for survival, is also quite simple: We only have to learn to receive what nature provides us with largely free of charge, in abundance, environmentally friendly and for all time. The sun shines on every roof – in other words, exactly where we consume the most energy, in our homes. And, as we know, the sun and wind do not send us a bill. Of course, we must learn to receive.

Receiving is a female virtue. That’s why we men have a bit of a hard time with it. We tend to be doers. But now it’s time to do less and receive more. But the free renewable energy sources such as sun, wind, water power, bioenergy, geothermal energy as well as wave and current energy redeem us from our previous pyromania. We burn today in one day of coal, gas and petroleum what nature has built up in a million days under the earth of these fossil resources. Our previous energy policy ran against the laws of nature in a ratio of one to one million. This has to go wrong.

No wonder we have a problem with it: Climate change, which has now become a climate catastrophe – as has just finally been acknowledged at the 27th World Climate Conference. Glaciers are melting, corals are dying worldwide, forests are burning, sea levels are rising dramatically. Storms, heat, floods: Even in Germany, the climate is out of control. If we continue as we are, Africa will become uninhabitable and Europe will become Africa. We older people are the first generation to have lost our breeding instinct. We are quite indifferent to the future of our children and grandchildren. The culprits for the biggest catastrophe of the 21st century are the fossil energy sources coal, gas and oil. That means Shell, BP, RWE, E.on, Gazprom, etc. Politics only has to ban the fossil-nuclear energy sources, the rest is done by the economy.

About the solar world economy and about the solar age a so far unknown wealth waits for us. Real wealth means enough for everyone. Of the 50 largest European companies, 43 belong directly or indirectly to the old resource economy. This industrial-fossil complex is controlled by big banks and vice versa. This impenetrable thicket leads to centralism and globalization. The terrorist attacks on the Baltic gas pipelines at the end of September 2022 show the vulnerability of the old centralist structures. The long resource chains – from the oil well to our car or oil tank – demand large-scale globalized structures and big banks. But there are alternatives to this as well.

The solar age creates wealth for all

The structures of a solar world economy look completely different and much simpler: Sun, wind and co belong to everyone. That is why regionalization, diversity and decentralization are the characteristics of the future energy economy. Not a few big players, but a large number of small and medium-sized companies will dominate the energy and raw materials market. Renewable energies offer themselves to everyone because they belong to everyone. The solar global economy promotes opportunities for a peaceful world as never before. The sun shines on every roof. Peace becomes possible – with the help of the sun and the wind. The solution is in the sky.

Nature offers us everything we need for a life worth living. And the renewables are of a completely different quality than the old energies: without consequential problems such as nuclear waste that cannot be disposed of, polluted air, poisoned water, dying forests and acidic soils. This completely different energy policy ensures, as if “by itself”, an ecological economy, millions of sustainable jobs – and a healthy environment. What more do we want? We have the entire symphony of renewable energies at our disposal.


FRANZ ALT 2022 | Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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