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The pleasing setbacks of the populists

Because at the 27th World Climate Conference in Egypt almost everything was the same as before – namely “blah, blah, blah” (Greta Thunberg), here are some positive news of the last days and weeks:

First: in the U.S., almost all Republican Trump supporters lost the midterm elections – especially those who still claim the last presidential election was stolen from Trump. Trump’s disease is also curable.

Second: not only in the U.S., but also in Brazil and in England, populists and climate change deniers are suffering setbacks, as they did earlier in Australia.

Third: Ukraine has now liberated Kherson.

Fourth: Germany’s gas storage facilities are so full that the country can easily get through the winter.

Fifth: The G20 states condemn the threat of war with nuclear weapons, and the Russian foreign minister signs off. The same wording was chosen as for the nuclear weapons ban treaty, which seemed impossible before.

Sixth: England’s new prime minister must make his first attempts at rapprochement with the European Union after the dismal failure of his Brexit predecessors. He said he now wants to conclude an agreement with the EU similar to the one Switzerland has concluded with the EU after increasing economic difficulties. Who would have thought it: Little Switzerland as a role model for Great Britain.

Seventh: Even Karl Lauterbach sees progress in the fight against Corona.

Eighth: The U.S. government is investing $380 billion in renewable energy by 2030.

Ninth: Eleven brave soccer men from Iran show solidarity with the protest movement in their homeland at the World Cup. They risk punishment at the hands of the mullahs’ regime. In doing so, the eleven men also show solidarity with the demonstrators’ slogan “Women, Freedom, Life.” They were more courageous than the German and other six European teams, who were not even willing to accept some sporting disadvantages for a small sign of solidarity with minorities. How would it be if now all sponsors of these seven European countries would make clear: We will withdraw our sponsorship money if a modest sign of humanity is not allowed to be shown after all? Or does the DFB want to start this World Cup with an own goal?

All this shows: Democracy is far stronger than many feared and right-wing populism decidedly weaker. And at the same time it shows that it is not indifferent what is right and what is wrong. We do not live in the “post-factual age” after all.

Sometimes the positive news is at least as important as the negative. Even at the World Climate Conference, there were some rays of hope at the end of the dark tunnel. You just have to want to see them. The climate rescue has not yet been completely lost either.


Franz Alt 2022 | Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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