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Wake up at last!

The fossil-nuclear age is a phase-out model. This has been common knowledge for over 30 years, but the transition to the alternative is still taking time and it is being accomplished far too slowly.

But the current catastrophes will accelerate the transformation to the solar age: Putin threatens nuclear war, terrorists or state terrorists blow up gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea. The largest nuclear power plant Zaporizhzhya in Europe is being fired at with missiles. Man-made climate catastrophe has submerged a third of Pakistan and claimed over a thousand lives. Hurricanes are becoming more frequent and more violent. We are living in a climate emergency. And German politics has become dependent on Putin’s goodwill.

The culprits for the greatest catastrophe of the 21st century are the fossil fuels coal, gas and oil. That means Shell, BP, RWE, E.on, Gazprom, etc. Politics only has to ban the fossil-nuclear energy sources, the rest is done by the economy.

About the solar world economy and about the solar age a so far unknown wealth waits for us. Real wealth means: There is enough for everyone. And the sun shines for everyone.

Of the 50 largest European companies, 43 belong directly or indirectly to the old resource economy. This industrial-fossil complex is controlled by big banks and vice versa. This impenetrable thicket leads to centralism and globalization. The terrorist attacks on the Baltic gas pipelines at the end of September 2022 show the vulnerability of the old centralist structures. The long resource chains – from the oil well to our car or oil tank – demand large-scale globalized structures and big banks. But there are alternatives to this as well.

The future structures of a solar world economy look completely different and much simpler: Sun, wind and co belong to everyone. Therefore, regionalization, diversity and decentralization are the characteristics of the future energy economy. Not a few big players, but a large number of small and medium-sized companies will dominate the energy and raw materials market.

Renewable energies offer themselves to everyone because they belong to everyone. And they are decidedly cheaper than the old energy sources. Already today, solar power is social power. The solar global economy is promoting opportunities for a peaceful world like never before. The sun shines on every roof. Peace is possible – with the help of the sun and the wind. The solution to our greatest problems is in the sky. We just need to wake up.


Franz Alt 2022 | Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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