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Preben Maegaard, Renewable Energy Visionary and Founding President of WWEA, Passed Away

WWEA and the “Sonnenseite”-Team expresses condolences to his wife Jane, his family and all colleagues and friends at the Folkecenter.

© Preben Maegaard | maegaard-net

Dr. Preben Maegaard, founder and long-term director of the Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy, passed away yesterday. Preben was involved in the founding of WWEA 20 years ago and became its founding president, serving from 2001 to 2005. In 2008, he received, together with his wife Jane Kruse, the World Wind Energy Award for his outstanding contributions to the dissemination of wind power and renewable energy. 

As one of the first pioneers of renewable energy, Preben started working for a renewables energy future already in the 1970s, and consequently he founded the Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy which became an international center for renewable energy experts. Through the Folkecenter’s work a new generation of renewable energy pioneers from all over the world got inspired and encouraged and contributed to starting the renewable energy revolution in their countries. 

Preben’s focus was not only on demonstrating how renewable energy can work in practice, but he had also strong impact on introducing renewable energy policies in his home country Denmark, in European countries and worldwide. 

Preben’s international network formed a basis for WWEA and his vision will remain part of WWEA’s mission: In particular his focus on decentralised and community energy approaches deserves now more attention than ever before and will be part of his remaining legacy. 

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  • “WWEA is deeply grateful for Preben’s contribution to the establishment of our association and for his achievements in disseminating wind power globally. We extend our condolences to Preben’s wife Jane Kruse, his entire family and all friends and colleagues in the Folkecenter.” WWEA President Hon. Peter Rae AO
  • “Preben was a visionary who has inspired thousands of people around the world to strive for a better, a more democratic and more participatory world based on renewable energy. His close and very fruitful friendship with the other renewable energy titan, Hermann Scheer, has created a vision of a renewable energy world which will still guide future generations.” Stefan Gsänger, WWEA Secretary General
  • “We have received the tragic news of Preben with deep sorrow. Dr. Preben Maegaard, born 1935, was a pioneer in renewable energy in Denmark and also played a great role in the field of world renewable energy. Since the 1970s, he has been engaged in the research of policies and technologies related to renewable energy, as well as the application and promotion of renewable energy. When WWEA was founded in 2001 he became the first president. He has made important contributions to the development of WWEA. Preben Maegaard visited China many times and was a well known international wind energy expert in Chinese wind energy. He was our old friend. We deeply offer our sympathies in the sudden demise of this respected person.” He Dexin, Shi Pengfei, Wu Gang, Qin Haiyan, Chinese Wind Energy Association CWEA
  • “My deepest condolences to Jane Kruse, to Preben’s family and all their friends! WWEA founding President Dr. Preben Maegaard was the “father” of our WWEA family for many years. With his unique enthusiasm, he has given us all lasting inspiration to fight for the success of wind energy in our countries. Together with Jane Kruse and their team they developed the Nordic Folkecenter as a highly convincing place for the worldwide rollover to 100 % renewables, based on community power. We will always keep this wonderful work in fond memories.” Heinrich Bartelt, WWEA Vice President, Board Member German Wind Energy Association BWE, Germany
© wwindea.org | Preben gives the World Wind Energy Award to Hermann Scheer during the WWEC2004 in Beijing
  • “A crusader for environment and wind energy. May he rest in peace.” Dr. Jami Hossain, WWEA Vice President, India
  • “We will always remember Preben Maegaard as a Renewable Energy Pioneer, a great person of great and sincere heart. Preben Maegaard will live in our memory as a scientist and tireless campaigner for «green» energy.” Andriy Konechenkov, WWEA Vice President, Chairman of the Board, Ukrainian Wind Energy Association
  • “It’s a great loss to the renewable energy community. What a wonderful personality and visionary person. I met him many times and found him a loving and caring person. Sincere condolences to all his family and friends.” Dr. Irfan Mirza, WWEA Vice President, Pakistan
  • “Among the very few who could appreciate the righteousness and scale of his commitment to Wind Energy developments, Preben Maegaard leveraged his passion with great efficacy. The global wind energy community he created owes him a lot!” Khalid Benhamou, WWEA Treasurer, Managing Director Sahara Wind, Morocco
  • “Preben had a vision of the greatest men on earth. He will always be on our hearts.” Dr. Everaldo Feitosa, Eolica, Brazil
  • “Such a loss yet  such tremendous impact of the visionary Preben Maegaard. Recall your firm and determined response at the WWEC2015 in Jerusalem, standing up against the non-believers in the possible transformation to 100% renewable energy in a “Island” grid such as Israel. Your kind attention to all, and enthusiastic sweeping personality. Loved you for the person and inspiration you gave. May you rest in peace, knowing that the seeds planted are there for the followers to continue your path and journey to a sustainable, 100%RE world. RIP dear Preben and condolences to the family.” Gadi Hareli, Chairman Israeli Wind Energy Association, Israel
  • “Preben Maegaard had been an asset to WWEA. May his soul rest in peace.” Dr. K. Kasthurirangaian, Chairman Indian Wind Power Association, India
  • “It is very sad news for us. Preben was a firm collaborator of Cuba. He visited Cuba several times bringing help and solidarity. He always be remembered by many Cubans who train in FC. RIP Preben – condolences to the family.” Prof. Dr. Conrado Moreno, Cubasolar, Cuba
  • “Preben Maegaard was a true pioneer of Renewable Energy and a strong advocate, always practicing what he preached. The Nordic Folkecenter is a great testament to his vision and was and still is an inspiration to many.” Dr. Monica Oliphant, Past President ISES, Australia
  • “Preben was a true pioneer. We will not forget him. Rest in peace.” Joan Fages, former EREF President, Spain
  • “Guardian of the heritage of wind energy.” Frits Ogg, WWEA Member, The Netherlands

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