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:: As an indivial you can effect a lot ...

+ 06.12.2009 + ... if you are accompanied by many others. Global Solar offensive lifts off in the internet.

Solarciety – the PR campaign and business platform for the solar field and the beginning solar age is online It will show the solar fascination all over the world.


The solar age has already started thanks to unrelentless actors. But: are these activities recognised by the public as one united force? Not really, as one can see. Additionally, lobbyists and poiliticians don't stop to play the potential of solar energy down.


It must be clear to everybody who demands the transformation to 100% renewable energy sources that it takes a 100% buy-in of the public to reach that goal. In order to achieve that goal, a big PR campaign is needed that spreads the enthusiasm needed across the public.


So far, the solar sector is lacking a stage where not only a single stakeholder presents his or her show, but where there's one overwhelming presentation for the community.


Everybody knows: Enthusiasm is an even better persuader than arguments. A successful image-campaign electrifies the public by the enthusiasm of its countless members.


To transform this general public into a solar community and into solar clients for the solar businesses.


Who would be better in getting this enthusiam across than those people, companies and organisations that are already engaged in the solar play?


The stage for that is available right now: On Solarciety's startpage, more than 5000 confessors can be presented by one click.


Being an internet based image campaign, Solarciety will be the medium of the solar world to present itsself with a focus on photovoltaic.


Every confessor makes his part of solar history and presents themselves as part of a powerful community in public.


To enhance communication performance, every member has access to a powerful industry directory including systematic search and sort functions


The success of the solar world's performance is determined by the actors. Only they can represent solar reality.


All confessors should be in that play: pioneers, scientists, organisations, fans, musicians, VIPs, facility operators as well as showcase projects or campaigns that already exist.


It goes without saying that all arguments, products, movies, songs and messages are presented as well.

Furthermore, it's self-evident that a gigantic network is being created, consisting of confessors from campaigns, media and events, capable of being the one-stop shop for PR work in the solar business.


One of Solarciety's main goals is the support and interconnection of existing campaigns, events and organisations.


The simple, yet eye-catching concept of Solarciety marks the start signal for an unprecedented image campaign that incorporates many activities already available.


The editors of Solarciety will enable, coordinate and communicate contacts and activities Solarciety also is a classical promotion media for members with the usual database functions for a systematic search


In order to gain the appropriate attention in public, Solarciety's progress shall be reported in the classical media.


In the start phase, pioneers will be given the opportunity to place entries free of charge. The number of those cost-free entries is limited, so don't lose time and register now.


Interested parties click the contactform of Solarciety and send the keyword „pioneer“ to get further information to get a free entry.

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Article 1478 from 2297

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