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:: PV CYCLE - A successful start in 2012

+ 04.02.2012 + PV CYCLE, Europe’s only fully operational collective take-back and recycling scheme for end-of-life photovoltaic (PV) modules, announced a new record for its collection network.

Since the beginning of its operations in 2010, PV CYCLE’s collection network increased by more than 130 percent to today 205 collection points, allowing the association to provide module owners in every EU27 and EFTA country with its services. Besides its fix collection partners, PV CYCLE also offers pick-up services for large quantities of end-of-life PV modules.


“We started as one of the first PV CYCLE collection points in Europe and appreciate the smooth collaboration with the organization”, describes Matthias Dax, responsible for PV module collection at German installer Wagner & Co Solartechnik GmbH, the work with PV CYCLE. “By ensuring to take care of our customers’ end-of-life PV modules, we create an extra value for them”.


Besides the significant expansion of collection points, PV CYCLE also recorded a steep increase in new members. In January 2012, the organization reached more than 240 members from across the world and PV value chain, representing approximately 90% of the European solar market. Supported by some of the most important players in the industry, the association can provide an efficient and cost-effective end-of-life treatment solution for PV modules.


“In the last month alone our membership grew by seven new members. The steady increase in our membership is a clear sign for the success of our business model and the hands-on experience that we gained in the last 18 months”, said Jan Clyncke, Managing Director of PV CYCLE. Since 2010, the PV CYCLE membership had grown from 126 to 240 today.


PV CYCLE expects that with the recast WEEE Directive, coming into force in summer 2012, its membership will experience another significant growth. Regulating waste treatment for electronic and electrical equipment, the recast WEEE Directive will soon require manufacturers and importers of PV solar modules to ensure the appropriate collection and recycling of their end-of-life products. PV CYCLE is currently working on making its take-back and collection service WEEE-compliant, and will enable its members to meet new European and national waste laws.

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Article 920 from 2334

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